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Fully functional business applications running in a few days

We use our own development tools to increase our productivity by a 5-10 factor. That allows us to deliver fully functional software in short time and at an affordable cost, yet with good quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(by customers)


How long before I have my application?

The first version is available within a week from the inaugural session, ready for use. Every week, a new batch of features is released.


What should I expect for the first session?

In the first session, the goal is to get an overview of the application to be developed, and identify and rank the highest priority use cases to be addressed.


What happens after that?

At the end of every week, we show you the progress made during the that week (which features were built), and agree on what features we should tackle for the next week.


What is required of me?

The client must be available to answer questions about its business' needs (by email, Hangout, Skype, Whasapp). In order for us to fulfill our promise to release a new version every week, the client must be willing to commit at least 2 hours a week of their time.


What kind of applications do you develop?

Our focus is on business process automation applications. These can be internal (departmental) applications, or they can be meant for business partners or customers. We can also develop non-business applications, as long as they are centered around information management.


I already have an Excel spreadsheet. Why would I need a custom made application?

A custom made application provides better ease of use than spreadsheets. Also, a custom made application can ensure the data is only modified according to the access rules defined, and allows others in the team to access and modify data at the same time without risks to data integrity.


How long until the application is completed?

That depends on the complexity and size of the application. Trivial applications can be completed in a couple of weeks. Typical applications may be continuously and incrementally developed and delivered across multiple weeks or even months.


What is the cost?

The initial cost is zero: we adopt a subscription model. The regular subscription covers development, hosting, monitoring and support, for a monthly fee. For applications which are not going through active development, there is a 50% discount off the monthly fee.


How can you charge so little and deliver so fast?

We build our own development tools, which allow a single developer to singlehandedly produce the output of a team of developers. That is why we can turn around functional, complex business applications in a very short time (few days, sometimes in less than a day), and for a low cost.


Can I switch to a different provider?

Yes, the application is 100% yours, we hate being locked in by vendors, and would not do that to our customers. If you request, we can easily transfer over development and deployment of your application to a vendor of your choice. And, of course, your application data is always yours as well.


What is not included?

Our offer does not include custom interaction design and user experience highly specific to the application; and integrations with 3rd-party applications that we don't support already.

For those kinds of things, let's talk: we may be able to involve a partner to build a custom solution, but that engagement is beyond the scope of our plans.


Can you enhance an application I already have?

Unfortunately no, we work on new applications only. We can build a new external module for your existing application though. Also, we can replace an existing application very quickly, and evolve it to satisfy new requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

(by developers)


What is the technology used?

At this time, we deliver a fully functional application written in Java, backed by a relational database (using JPA) and exposing a REST API (using JAX-RS). The front-end is a Javascript/HTML single-page application written with Angular/Bootstrap. In the future, other technology stacks will be supported, even for applications developed today.


How readable is the delivered code?

We take pride in generating code that looks as good as a solid developer would write by hand.


Our team is already highly competent and effective, why would I use EasyAlpha?

Consider us as your partner specialized in rapid and low-cost development. Hire us when a client or project is highly sensitive to price and cost, or when your team is busy and there is no spare capacity to handle that new project you really wanted to get done.


We use a different stack, why would we use EasyAlpha?

We can build autonomous subsystems/microservices for a separate domain in the application, which can then be easily integrated (both directions) with via a REST API.


I am a developer, how can I get the same level of productivity?

Great question! We are building a partnership program for developers, where you can learn our methodology and our tools. If you are interested, contact us via the sign up form.


But I just started programming professionally...

Not really a question, but nevertheless: you are one of our key target audiences for our partnership program. Our methodology and our tools will allow you to build and deploy applications with the same quality as a skilled senior developer, but in much less time!

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